Magic Trails Pro Addon

Magic Trails Pro allows you to add real-time calculated trail objects to your blender projects to enhance your animations and renders. The trail objects are custom built, react to movement in the scene, even if the animation replay is not playing, they update instantly and can copy the movement of other objects or rigs/bones. As far as i know, Magic Trails currently is the only way to achieve this, without unnecessary long setups and and real-time calculation. The addon comes with customizable and animated materials and support any other material as well. Magic Trails has a Light Version if you want to try it out first before buying. It is a lot of fun to play around with in the viewport. Updates will come for both version in the future.



Here is what you can do with it. Character animations are taken from Maximo and from there it only takes seconds to set up the trail:

You can even do typography with it:

Materials as they come:


Side note: I implemented a bug report system in blender where you press a button, that will open an email template for you to write your concerns and feedback.



This looks really exiting - I want to try it and see if it can be used to make all kinds of motion blurs and smear frames. What’s the difference between the pro and light versions?

Pro has a few things going for it. On the surface it has more default trail materials and a more accessible interface but it also features an improved underlying system is generally more stable. You can get the light version and have a look at the product page of the Pro version to get a perspective.

Oh and Pro comes with a bit of support and has free future updates planned