Magical Childhood Dreams

This is a Concept that me and my dad came up over thanksgiving break and since this christmas we won’t really have gifts, this christmas is more about family and being together for the holidays. So I have entered this into the BlenderGuru Christmas Competition hope people get a emotional impact well viewing this photo. This is Rendered using the Blender Internal Engine and Compositor

Sincerley Manny

Happy Hoildays


Def not bad but stars seem on a different layer than the sky, they should be part of it.

Try to pose characters a little bit, they look too stiff.

And finally, lower the main light source cos it’s way too bright. Remember, Santa works at night, not late afternoon. :slight_smile:

Tiny mountains? Or huge house?

Looks nice, but I’d agree that the stars look odd, and whats the white flakes under santas sleigh? you might try and put vecter blur on it to make it look a little better.

Oh… i see it now… thats supposed to be snow… got it. you might try putting more of that closer to the camera and puting a light DOF on it… with some vector blur…

okay, all add that vector blur see how that helps, and that’s supposed to be snow not the stars and bhindlilanimals i will try that out too. thanks for the comments keep them coming .

How did you set up the snow? did you use stars? or did you create a emiter plan with paricles?

btw your lighting on the mountain is pretty awesome!

Thanks its not that hard with the lighting just used one lamp light on the right of the screen and have a another sun light on top of the mountain that spread this texture i made in the material and texture nodes of the compositor and spread it across the mountain scape its a skill i picked up watching Andrew Price tutorial on mountains.

Yeah I think I watched that tut. It was pretty awesome! I was able to use some of the stuff from it in some other projects! Materials with nodes is awesome!