Magical Forest floor

I’m modeling the forest floor of a dreamy magical forest I making the base of a tree now, hopefully I will finish this project. Its actually going to be a promo video for the company I’m starting so I actually have a strong motive. Next I’m going to start branching the roots, might bring them in, close to the trunk as well.

Nice start. I tried to make a forest floor a while ago. Did all the modeling, kind of stopped when it came to textures though. May we see the wires for that tree?

Change of plans I’m going to try and make it similar to a fig tree.
Here’s a reference pic.

Here’s another update.

Sure, here are some wires. I temporarily applied sub mod. didn’t know how else to do it…

Here’s another update, only the roots will be visible in final camera window. Its a forest floor render, well animation, so only part of the roots will be visible, this is the general shape. Now I’m going to sculpt in some detail and add some more branch outs. Then I’m going to texture. So what do you think about the shape compared to the reference, is what I have thus far “realistic” looking just the shape. Im only roughly referencing the image not trying to make an exact copy. I’m going to fix the tips as well.

Well, you can render with wires. But, i actually meant without subdivision. you do have more polys than you need though. i might upload my tree for reference one of these days…

Oh. Here is a snap shot of it in edit mode…is this what you meant?

Here is another update, I haven’t started sculpting yet. I’m going to also add more detail to the ground later.

Fantastic, I want to keep an eye on this one.

Okay I didn’t work much on it today until now, so I’ve set up the camera angle and the water placement I also started making rocks fungi, plants etc. I have something special planned for the water ;). I haven’t started sculpting my tree yet… :frowning: so now that is what I’m doing next after I enjoy the nice weather in my area. :yes:I think i might add some more smaller roots branching out. I also have to texture and UV unwrap that prick…:frowning:

great work. def following

OOh, can’t wait for water. BTW, cycles or internal? As for unwrapping it, you’re going to want to delete the polies that make up the very bottom of the roots (base faces), then… you need to add a seam on the back out of sight. Then comes the tedious task of (in the uv editor) making sure that all the roots are facing down, and the trunk (or alligned vertically, and parts can overlap and don’t bather adding any more seams). Then apply a seamless bark texture an just have it multiply more than once over the surface or scale the uv island to have the right texture size. Sounds like a pain, i know, but If i can do it, you can.

I’m using cycles however, I’m not sure if its the best for organic models? I really will need volumetric light and I don’t think cycles supports such yet. But, I’m sticking with cycles for now I might not need volumetric light or perhaps could fake it.

Well, I’m currently exploring methods of faking it. I’ll later post my results.

Sorry for no updates I’ve been modeling the smaller things and I’m currently trying to create the ground which are a bunch of decayed leaves and broken twigs it’s getting fairly tedius but I should finish soon. Then I’ll do the placement of the mushrooms and exotic looking “flowers”. Also its the end of the first 9 weeks of 2nd semester so I had to study for some test. I think I also might tweek a little bit for the blender guru competiton after I finish creating the animation for my company im starting.

Okay UV unwrapping the tree is giving me a headache but hopefully it will work out, also i need a good alpha tree texture and regular texture have any come to mind? Otherwise I’ll see whats on cg textures. Also I’m trying to create the ground which are a bunch of broken twigs and dead leafs. Then I’m going to add patches of grass, mushrooms, flowers, & etc, but I cant model hundreds of leaves. So I’m using a particle system of course but, I want the leaves to be twisted and stuff. Is there a way to have a particle system deform the particles as to add another layer of randomness. Or do I have to model them twistd or rolled up, I’m going to make 10 dif leave models and 10 dif twigs, so it might seem obvious there are only 10 dif models also scaling wont be useful: all the leaves will be about the same size. If its not its not a whole leaf. Here are the leaves I have thus far ( some flaws but wont be noticeable) and I modeled some fungi on the roots.


Oooh, you’re actually modeling the leaves. I hope you have a damn good computer, because that’s going stress your computer out. As for textures, what you need is unclear. However, just list what you need. I’ve made some forest textures of my own, and can go out and take some more if you need them.

Oh I just need a good bark texture I’m looking for one now. One that is black and white for bump mapping and one just for color. No need for you to make one, I guess I could make one if I can’t find one.

Okay I can’t texture this… here is the very poorly unwrapped tree but I can’t find a texture. How would I create one?

how 'bout this one? You can just convert it to B+W in Photoshop. If that dosen’t work, theres tons more on that site.

Thanx I hope i still have the file, my hard drive was unexpectly wiped and I din’t get a chance to back…:frowning: