Magical Trevor

My brother, Trevor, happens to be a magician and also is a huge fan of the cartoon Magical Trevor ( I decided to make a quick 3d version of Magical Trevor for an exercise and to actually make something start to finish. (I’m notorious for starting projects, but not for finishing them) This cartoony style is not my typical fair, but I think it’s true to the source material.


Everyone loves magical trevor!!

fantastic work!, maybe adjust the lighting a little?

have you sent this in to weebl?

LOL, ^^
They look great, the looks on them really funny sample and fun to look at.

Thanks Guys for the comments and crits.

@Tedcase - Yep! Weebl got a copy and liked it.

how did you get the cow texture ???

It’s just UV mapped. It’s a simple texture that you can easily draw in a program like paint.

Looks like this.