Magiciandude's Annual Christmas Card

Hey everyone!
Here is my Christmas E-Card this year!
I modeled and textured everything you see here.
The robot is a part of another project that I’m working on(, so I gave him Christmas Coloring and put him into my card this year.

The guy in the corner is modeled after the Creator of the FIRST(for inspiration of science and technology) Robotics Competition, and I was forced to make him in 3ds max(according to the rules of the 3 animation competition I entered him in)…but I imported him into blender for the purpose of this project :smiley:

Well…regardless…here’s my card!

Hopefully you’ll get the joke :wink:

Let me know what you think!
C&C Are ALWAYS appreciated!!!

P.S. if the Santa and trees look familiar, thats because they are slightly modified models from my last years Christmas E-Card…

Huh…Thanks for looking anyway!


love it! But I don’t get the joke :frowning:

This is where the joke came from:

And if that doesn’t work…this is the same thing:

It was an old video game with a terrible English translation…somehow the video became really popular though 0_o…

Haha…thanks for the reply though, hopefully that helped you understand :wink: