Maglev light Railway (secend ever model)

I have been toying with blender for about a year now, never anything serious, and even then I have only toyed with it a few times in the last few months. This is my second ever model and so far I’m quite pleased with what I have learned while putting it together. The next step is animating the various parts of the train. This is where I have become a bit stuck, i have done a few animation tutorials and have the basics however:
How do I animate things like doors opening/closing & rotating ventilation fans efficiently? My first thought was to simply parent the doors and fan to the train and to simply animate the door every time they need to open/close. But is there a way to animate this action once (like a pose) and to simply have it repeat at certain points later in the animation? As for the ventilation fan is there a way to animate one rotation and then simply have it repeat this over and over again? Anyone know a good tutorial or have and other suggestions?
Let me know what you think of the model thanks! MATT


you could eather parent everything to an empty, so moving the empty moves the whole train, then make actions for the rotation of the fans/ location of the door, or the outher option is to make a armature. if you intend to move the whole train down a track the best option is to parent it to a curve.

for your door opaning/ fan actions all you need to do is create the action then blend them together using the non linear animation editor.

for the fan just use the extrapolation extend mode in the ipo curve editor.

this tutorial is verry good

Thanks for the advice, the video tutorial was great help. There is so much to learn! It’s all fun. Matt