Magnatraction (slot car) track at the Colosseum!

For the non initiated, slot cars are a toy, small toy car models with motors that race around a slotted track. Okay so I still play sometimes…
Anyway this hobby project was about making scale copies of vintage cars I like, to 3D print them and run them on the track. I thought to model the chassis first and continue to fit a car body around it - this is an Aurora AFX Magnatraction chassis.The process will give me the best approximations, with the least physical testing, aiming to anticipate the fit from the design phase.

It was just a few steps more to add some textures and an HDR photo around and do the renderings, for the fun of it. The HDR happened to be from the the Roman forum… I slotted the pathway in the photo and here it is: a ride on a track around the Colosseum!

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Great Work mate,
Hope we’ll see your printings when they’ll be ready :slight_smile:


Thank you Andrea!
My list of unfinished hobby projects is much longer than that of my finished… my work gets the most of me. We’ll see…

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