Ugh…it’s ugly… but tell me what you guys think please. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

Oh an btw, I was wondering if there’s any better ways to import models then using append. The screws in the model I made in a different file and appended them in. The only problem is that I can’t edit them in the magnemite file and would like to be able to do so.


Nice so far. im not so sure what to do about that append thing, but i would try duplicating the screws and try editing the duplicates. Oh and it would be good if you did some AO so i could see the modeling of the screws better because right now the image is a little bit dark and rough so AO might smooth it out a bit.

Nice combination of colours and mechanical. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think you can render in a more realistic, the image could be placed a notch or two. And the lighting could be worked on too. All the best!

AO? Sorry I’m a newbie, so I don’t know all the acronyms yet

I agree. I’m very very new to lighting techniques so what you see was just stumbled upon. I think I could get it more realistic with some better textures.

Just don’t link on your append and they will come into your scene as fully editable meshes.

lol sorry, AO means Ambient Occlusion, you can find it in the world buttons tab.

so i used the AO thing…and why is it so grainy?


Oh its because you probably have the samples at the default 5, if u change it to 10 it should look a lot better.

File > Append or Link or (Shift + F1), select the file you need to link an object to. When you try to bring in the piece you need make sure you click the Object button, not the Mesh. This should allow you to edit in any file that the object is brought into

Thank you guys for all your help. Here’s the most recent render. Does anyone have any suggestions for making its eye…idk…better? It just looks kinda lame to me.


Try making the eye a separate object instead of a texture. There is a lot of tutorials on making good looking eyeballs around, just search a little.

Also, try adding a small level of the bevel modifier to the magnets, so that they don’t look so sharp.

i Also think that it would be cool if you maybe added a chrome material to it.:yes:
heres a link to a good tutorial that i used to learn how to make it…