magnetic fabric query

Hi there,

Im new to Blender and have been finding the tutorials really helpful. However, I have a specific goal that I have so far not been able to find help with.

I’d like to create a series of simple animations where cloth falls onto a transparent model (which i have done) but then, having contorted according to the cloth/collision setttings is then magnetically attracted as close as possible to the shape of the invisible object, sort of describing it’s contours - before being released, going through the sort of thing it does if you have the structure settings on high and then falling away.

would really appreciate any help.


(blender 2.57b on mac os x intel)

oh, i’d also like to create another animation where objects (and by that I mean free 3ds models) appear and then after about four seconds turn into liquid. kind of like a backwards t-1000 thing. any ideas?