Magnetic objects?

Good night to all!
Is it possible to create magnetic objects in Blender?
Like 2 spheres that attract or repel each other?
Thank you

Thank you for the answer. I’ll dig into the manual and try to make it work.

Hi MADCello,

You can get particles attracting and repelling each other using a Particle System and the Force Charge. It took me forever to get it to work. Here is what I wrote down so that next time I would not have to wander around Blender’s interface quite as much:
- You need to set the Force Field Setting in the Particle System Panel (NOT Field Weight!).
- Watchout the first few times I set the value it crashed the system.
- DO NOT SET SELF EFFECT! At least not for Charge.

Note that you do NOT need to create another Charge Force Field to place between the streams. The two streams still attract each other due to the opposite charges. NICE! Best effects should have a very low charge. I’m using .05 and -.05.

Hope you have less trouble than I did.


Thank you very much throwcode!!
Put this experience on hold, but not for long. Very nice tips!