[Corrupted Polorix Link Removed]

how to use: the Empty has a property named “n”. set it to the number of magnet pieces. All of the magnet pieces have a property called id, two magnet pieces won’t attract/repel iff they have the same identity number.

WOW amazing Concept
has lots of potential :D:cool:

Yes, quite nice and useful!
But, you forget to pack the textures, and when open the different scenes the 3D window setup it’s not good.
Thank you for sharing.

Really cool. a nice addition to the physics.


Built in feature in 2.5?

@Oto: oops… fixed.

Not if you dont request it. Add it to the list, then show your fix. Great, and thank you very much. This has so many applications.

Wow ! cool thing … could you comment the script please ?

I really like how it can make it all creasy with little factor adjustment :slight_smile:

Wow!! I’ve always been interested in magnets, and now blender has them, too! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot. I will definitely be playing with this for weeks!

hmm! the link you posted requieres a login.
can’t see your blend file!:no:

The Polorix Uploader has been hacked so it isnt available.

please guys , polorix is hacked , help us with another link please

Guys, anybody still have the files stored somewhere to share ?
I’m really curious about that:yes: