magnifying glass help

hi! im doing a fps and to add some realistic efects i need a magnifying glass for the sight does somebody have a idea of how to make it?

I created this with 1/2 a uv sphere and glass materials. (cycles, but BI would work too…)

You can’t, unlike as place57 has suggested, use any material techniques.
Instead, you’ll need to look into the VideoTexture Module.

There’s a nice magnifying glass prop in one of the Half Life 2 series. I always wanted to use that in a game. Using the video texture module is the right way to go - you’ll basically place a camera under the magnifying glass, set your zoom level, and then make the lens a screen, showing what the camera sees ( I think, it’s been a while) - it won’t be see through but will look like it. I’d be interested to see if you can get it working.

hey thanks guys that should do it realy good for the scope or for binoculars:D

edit:i just taked a image of this