Magnifying Glass

Hey guys I’m done modelling this magnifying glass, but I still need to put textures and stuff. What engine should I use to make the lens magnify, I think it will be Yafray, not sure.

Complete Render

Name Brand

i would also lke to put the Magnivision logo on the handle. Is this possible with UV Texturing?

Thanks for any feedback.[/img]

you don’t need to use yafray, simply assign a material which has a low Alpha, and choose RayTransp. Now slide the IOR slider to 0.5 or 0.75, and it will work !

however you will not get any caustics with the internal renderer. if you want them, just use yafray instead :slight_smile:

and yes, you can UV map the logo onto the handle. or there are other ways as well (Landis has a great texturing tutorial if you want to try that…)

A little update: Next I got to do the metal lens holder rim thingy shiny.

Thanks for your input guys. This is another update on the scence. I used Blender Internal Renderer not YafRay. I couldn’t use the Yafray because the UV mapping (logo) looked crazy, it was scattered all over the place.

Handle looks great. Frame looks great. Lense looks great. Table top is excellent. Just miss shadows. Good work Cad2Blender!

Very nice. One thing though is that the lens looks rotaded but the handle doesn’t.

Handle looks fine, you priobably want to use the UV mapped image also as a NOR map to fake the fact that the writing is not perfectly flat, either the print is higher, due to ink thickness, or lower, if a bit engraved, material looks cool

Frame is low poly. I can see it is not a circle but a polygon :slight_smile: Material is funny, it looks reflective outside the frame but not inside nor on the part connecting frame to handle. THis could very well due also to the lack of a true environment or to too low ray depth

Lens looks nice, but I bet your Hard is too low, Try another shader, maybe blinn, with highhighhigh spec and hard Magification effect is not very accentuated, what’s your IOR? I hope you didn’t trusted baloo. Glass has IOR around 1.5, depending on quality. You might also wish to give a very slight azure tint to the lens.

Table top is quite nice.

You miss, besides shadows, some Ambient Occlusion, an environment around

Keep it up


Finally, with your guy’s help I’m done…for now 8). I’m pleased with the final render, but to me there can always be some more improvement somewhere in there. Thank you guys for letting me bug you with all the questions :expressionless:

Okay, now you’ve got it good looking! Time to bug :slight_smile: Refracted light from magnifier will do something with shadow right? Some sort of burn. And the lense should reflect an environment - classic windows? - not two hard spots. Inspire us? You’re doing just that :smiley: