Magnum FPS Texture Tutorial

This is the third part of my tutorial series, the Magnum FPS Tutorial. It explains how to create and implement color maps, normal maps, and specular maps to create detailed game textures. The example uses the same M4 Carbine model from parts 1 and 2.

The tutorial is an hour long, so feel free to skip through it: Magnum FPS Tutorial Part III: Textures

For the modeling part of the tutorial, check out the Magnum FPS Tutorial Part I in my YouTube channel.

It was very informative, thanks. I watched the modeling part aswell, good job.

Are there going to be more parts in this tutorial, e.g. setting up the fps with the blender game engine or was that the end? And will you still use blender 2.49 or finally a 2.5x version, because I admire your work but I just can’t work with 2.49 and I think if you continued the tutorial and used scripts, they would have to be different for 2.5x than for 2.49, woulnd’t they. So please use 2.5x