Magnum like Ice Cream

Hello guys, Just wanted to show you my newest render from Blender and PS. Modeling, rendering and post-production were done in just one day. Please tell what you think.

Best Regards.

Hi @Simonscat, I like the modeling, it looks great. But as for the texture of chocolate, it looks like some kind of leather instead of chocolate, what you think?

Cuz you’ve said that, now I see that ;D Thanks!

Wow! I love it. Very cool render.
Is the bite mark in the ice sculpted by hand?
I think the chocolate material is quite good, however the bump might be a bit off. Maybe that is why it looks a bit like leather.
Great job!

Add some text and it will be an awsome advertisement.
You made me hungry.

looking good

but 2 note I think there is a lot of verts unnecessary all over
not certain but the ice cream should be white may be !

but nice work in any case

happy cl

Awesome work!!! I’m curious did you use photogrammetry for the ice cream itself or just modeling?

For those who wonder how I’ve made those models, I did not use photogrammetry, just traditional poly modeling and for a bite, sculpting by hand.

Thank you all for your feedback and best regards to you all :slight_smile: