Maharaja online!

Download the newest version of our 3D shooter(you may remember it from the old Blender site), Maharaja.
under the games section.

Have fun!!

In addition, the Balloon Park game is also online. Please check that out too!

I do not personally like the 3d-shootemup genre, but I am in awe as I have no idea how to make games in Blender.

Maybe you should make some kind of mission statement on each mission so that there is no mistake in what the objective might be, it also would add to a storyline along the game. Just a suggestion :smiley:

not bad… kinda takes a million shots to kill the enemies though :x
some texture stretching occurs in many areas but i love it none the less. you’ve really learned how to make things seem on a grand scale. keep it up!

did you complete the first level?

hi people…i am working on a T-REX project right i thought of writing some py-code to enhance the animation…and i think i came out with something that can be very it facial or body-morpher.what it does is that the vertices of a mesh are affected by a outer empty(one or more) in such a way that as if they were parented to it.the empty affects the vertices up to some certain range which can be changed.this works quite same like REL keys but with more control.just animate the empty and there you are.though my script is on its very first stage and the empty affects only one vertex i think i can make it as i mentioned above.anybody want to give some more advice to enhance it please reply.

yeah beat the first level… your ai doesn’t adjust aim upwards :c) or you can run cirlces around him and blast away even though it takes a million shots. loved the heli though! and loved kicking the blasted off piece around the level. awesome work

I love it. I wanna see more :slight_smile: I think I will try my hand at making one. If I get around to it…lol

kos, you should post this in the realtime forum. It sounds cool. Maybe it could be used for damage in a racing game.