I am not happy with the texturing and the light on this, also there are still form overalp issues.

Ok so I changed the materials slightly, using cooper instead of gold ( more historically acurate) reduced the width of the cross material and flattened the rings. I also threw up a helmet, a short sword and much finer mail underneath.

I still think that the composition and the lighting suck, I still need to change the size of the bump material on the helmet, maybe add some rust and dirt maps, I don’t know, any ideas.

Lighting and shadows could use something unusual.
Shapes the way them go together is pretty good.
The stuff you haven´t gotten done doesn´t bug in
the image much (those are only small number of
pixels, such small areas).

Lightning is great accely. If you want the gold and silver to look more shiney, just turn up the Ref slider. That would do it.