Mailing List or Newsgroup?

(tmohr) #1


i’d like to work offline, for this HTML forum i need to be online all the
time and pay for it.

Is there some kind of information source available OFFLINE like
a newsgroup or a mailing list?

Best regards,

(S68) #2

Not that I know,

but in your profile you could set an automatic notification of replies to topics you are interested in, so that you can look to them more efficiently, wasting less time searching…

I’m not sure this is a great help, sorry


(mthoenes) #3

I believe that elysiun is the best Blender info source currently available. There is also a Yahoo Blender Group. Many talented Blender users frequent that as well.

(Atomike) #4

I was checking out that Yahoo group, but it looks like you have to recieve the e-mails via a sucky Yahoo account. I didn’t want to sign up for that, but does anyone know if you can get those mails sent to a normal e-mail account? Thanks.