main character: cell

this is the main character for the cell movie im going to make.
Story of cell:
it takes place in an insane asylum where the people being held had illegal experiments had on them by the owners of the asylum. one day they overpower the guards, get out of their cells, and escape throughout the building. the main character then has to go through the building and contain (or kill) the escapees and lock down the building. in the end, the main character ends up blowing up the institute.

its a bit like doom and FEAR in that there are monsters, mutants, zombies etc. and there is a government conspiracy behind it. The men in charge (original bad guies) wanted to create the perfect human through cell and dna research. the screw ups are the monsters and mutants that you are fighting.

im planning on making the short have a “videogame cut scene” feel for mid game or beginning of game.

anyway. here’s the main character so far.

and thats it let me know how u like the idea/ models.

ok i thought the arms were a bit 2 long so i shortened them. tell me which one you like better.(original or shortened)

So the premise of the game is that the main character is killing innocent victims of government sponsored illegal experimentation because they are trying to escape their illegal imprisonment? And he’s doing this because??? The victims look different? Through no fault of their own they are mutants and monsters? He is locking them down because if the public found out they would be horrified, not at the monsters, but at the secret government program?

And at the end he blows everything up, innocent victims and a few “just doing my job” orderlies and nurses, while the suits have had plenty of time to get out when the battle started. So in the end he’s just setting himself up to be the fall guy, the rotten apple at the bottom of the barrel who’ll get blamed for everything.

And here I thought the point of games was to fight evil, not participate in it. How out of the loop am I? :spin:

Are you modelling from a reference? It looks like you’ve got a decent idea about clean modelling, and using a reference for the shape of the hands and arms would really make an improvement.

The body is very boxy… body armor should flow with the body and any restriction of movement should seem unavoidable.

As far as the plot… Orinoco has a point, but in your defense I’d like to say that in an FPS is it difficult to find a way to give a player plenty of targets. Though you might want to rethink what those targets are.

yea thx for the crits. maybe i should have throught through the plot a bit better. i guess i was trying to make it too original =)

now that i think about it, the plot is kinda like that of opposing force for hl1 where you are the bad guies from the military. although i didnt intend the plot to be like that, its funny how it turned out that way =)

p.s. modeling hands r a b**ch

im now thinking of scratching this project. any objections?

Actually I have no objection to the story. Not every “Hero” is perfect, there is the fact that now that these people are mutants, they arent human, and more than likely would attack the people of the world. If you add in innocent people/mutants, that the player chooses to kill or not, that would probably fix that little issue. In the end you cant have mutated super freaks running a muck outside… think zombie movie, they’re your loved ones, but they could kill the entire human race… kill them or not?

I say keep it. When it comes down to shoot or be eaten, I’d pick up my Springfield any day.

is it a game or movie? you said both…

anyway, about the hero being supposedly evil in ways, maybe his employer could be giving him the wrong idea on purpose (so he thinks he is doing good) for reasons on which you decide (like assassins creed)

Agreed, or hide why theyre mutants, like in doom.

a game you say?
your character is way too high-poly for a game.
Or maybe you’re only gonna use it in the movie. Then it’s ok.
As for the plot, you could make it that way that the hero has some kind of mental disorder, that would explain him being evil, also it gives you an opportunity to add superskills, wierd nightmares, all that.

What do you mean by scratching?<set stupidQuestion in const Day to int = 1>

ok thanks for the suggestions. ill keep the project. im already almost done modeling the character check back later for updates =)


heres the update with everything done except for the arm armor and guns (primary rifle, side arm, holster, and sling)

Long awaited update!!!
After a LONG time of no updates, I finally have a new update of this character.

These are the two update pictures. the first is from a while ago with shades and textures and the second is fully rigged and fancied up a bit. i also added my mp5 model into the second one to make it cool.
next im going to try to do some animation of this and if it goes well i’ll post it. until then c ya.

That looks really nice. The camo seems a bit ‘digitized’, so I would suggest improving the resolution if this character is for a movie.

yea its really hard to find a good urban camo on the internet. i have to use the internet provided pictures too because i dont know how to make my own camo in gimp

That helmet is pretty cool, but he’s not holding the gun right. He needs to have the but pressed firmly against his shoulder or the gun will get away from him when he fires it.

And kill the specularity on that camo, it looks plastic.

ok so heres a quick update of the pose that i made. it actually has nothing to do with anything, i just added it because i hadn’t updated in a long time.