main character for my new project

As you can tell by my join date I’ve been working with blender for a little while. However had to take a break after an accident at work. So here’s what I have been working on for about 2 weeks since getting the use of my hand back. The colors are not final, just in place for when I start texturing, but I will probably keep the level of detail down still as this is a cartoon style character.

The eyes in the second picture is meant to have oval irises. I tried circular and he looked odd, like he was surprised or possessed (going with possessed). After I put I put shoes on him I plan to get him rigged and pose him for better (and rendered) pictures. So let me know what you think and what needs work? :smiley:

Good stuff man! The eyes and the hair need the most work maybe make the hair less stiff looking?

Thanks for the reply. I’m looking at a cartoon style (anime-ish really). So the eye sockets won’t have great detail, just needs to look good when he blinks. The upper lashes do kind of bug me and I’m thinking of trying a different approach, but I don’t want to use particles to do it. The hair is half of a cube with subsurf modifier applied and then just points pulled out for the spikes. Maybe I should try another subdivide and drag the points around so they wave a little bit? I’ll post another pic of what that looks like if I do it that way.

Edit: Here are the fixes for the head. I rearranged some face loops around the nose and mouth area because it was giving me some weird close-up shots, but looks decent now. I made the hair a bit wavier, which is hard to tell with the black, so I provided a white hair shot. Then I also fixed the lashes which in my opinion look much better.

Edit2: I had also brought the eyes in closer compared to the pic in the first post.

Need a bump for the updated post. Also, I do have rigged eyes using empties, but I’m facing a problem. Each eye follows a different empty, because if they track the same empty sitting between the 2 he looks cross-eyed. So I parented the 2 empties that the eyes follow to a third empty so they move when that one does, however the eyes don’t follow those empties then. Can someone help me out?