Main Character For Short

Any kind of critique on this would be very helpful. Mean or complimenting, feel free to judge. This model means a lot to me as it is for the animation short i plan to send the college i want to attend, and/or to scholarships and all that. I want this to be perfect, even though it is my first literal project in blender. So, my life and future is actually dependent on the total outcome of this project/ Therefore, i sincerely request any sort of criticism on this.

looking good man. how about some lights on his ear regions or something. just so the head is more consistent with the rest of the body.

Cant say much since im new all i see is job well done, love the lights would love to see it in the dark so awesome and good luck.

wow I love it! very good style as well. the wires sticking out of his head are also cool.

Thankyou very much for the wonderful feedback! I am flattered. Progress will be posted.

The most recent works that i’ve done on it. Thought i’d make an update.

Wow also the material or texture is very good, i dont see how u can fail this test this robot is awesome :slight_smile: