Main Character!

(ndnchief) #1

This is my main Character in the game I am developing for the contest. Nothing amazing, but I did create every texture myself using a very old program. MicroGrafx6. Saved all textures as PNG. PNG. seems to have a better final resolutiion and smaller file size than JpEg. Plus I am very familiar and know how to use the program. I do have PS6 but decided to use what I now how to use well. I redid this model 3x to reduce file size and this is about it. File size is only about 80KB so should run ok on most CP’s. Some resolution is lost in the game engine but still looks OK. I will be posting a small exe. so you all can tell me how it runs on your CP’s. Basically it will have controls for direction, and also for a weapons system on the back, not yet seen. I have not started my level developement yet, but just have worked on special effects, Flares, Smoke, Explosions, rockets, etc… I wanted to know what I was able to do before starting any type of level. So I will build my game with what I know I can do. It will be Pure Blender, no Python, no nothing , only what Publisher 2.25 can do. Good luck to all, and GOOD FORTUNE TO ALL BLENDER HEADS…

The NDN…

(Pooba) #2

Looks pretty nice! Wouldn’t call it a “character” :slight_smile:

(OTO) #3

Yes, nice and clean!
But…don’t you forget to smooth the wheels!!!
Keep Blending

(jrt) #4

Looks good, Should perform well too with that file size, unlike most of mine! I’m always trying to cram too much in. I used MicroGrafx6 myself for a while.

Good luck jrt.

(S_W) #5

Looks great! (But I’m not sure why you call it your main “character” :wink: )

(gorgan_almi) #6

It looks good. :slight_smile:

OTO’s right though the wheels need rounding, just use the smooth button in edit mode a few times with the wheels selected. It’ll increase the file size a bit but greatly improve the look of the vehicle.


(saluk) #7

Looks very nice!

Me, I kind of like the un-smooth wheels, and the game engine definatly lights solid faces waaaaay better than it lights smooth faces.

I didn’t know you could use png for textures, hehe. GoodBYE jpg!

(snowy_duck) #8

i think that his game will be a kinda shootum up game and by the scale the truck looks about 5 stories big!

(Haunted-House) #9

That looks great! I think the wheels look good solid, they look heavy duty like there made to be able to run over other vehicles!

(wiseman303) #10

PNG smaller than JPG? Are you sure?

I did a test in GIMP. I saved the same image as both a PNG with maximum compression, and an uncompressed JPG. The JPG was about one third the size of the PNG.

Maybe MicroGrafx6 is better at compressing PNGs than GIMP?