main logic bricks diferences between 2.57 to 2.62?

I m as everybody allready knows(or at least almost everybody) on my game, uufff…, and the last couple of days where a pain in my, ah, shoes, and I m thinking about update my game that is 2.57 to 2.62, ok but I found that there where so many differences between them that when I tried to run my game on this new version, almost nothing worked, specially things with animation.

Ok, so what I ll have to change to make my game work on this version, blender have so many updates that this is beeing kind of ridiculous in my oppinion, specially because suport programs to the bge cant stay updated all the time, and they need to make so many versions of their programs all the time, and that is really bad for any constumer that you have( withou talk about the license).

So anyone have any idea about whta I ll have to change in order to make the game work on this version? fading animations are a big problem now and the materials with alpha shows are not totally trasparent where they should be.

And I ll have too mutch work in order to migrate from 2.57 to 2.62? if you saw my game i think that you have an idea about the trouble if you dont here is a link:

Im stuck now, if at least the blenderplayer was something that keep the license of you game the way you want, but It dont.

Thanks, this comunity is really helping me out with my problems.

It is a lot of work to change, and for me, it wasn’t really worth it. I was doing a big overhaul of everything else in my game at the time though, so it made sense to update it too.
Virtually all animation logic breaks (as you discovered) as 2.5 uses the graph editor as a base for animation, and 2.6 uses the action editor. Small difference, but makes a big impact.
I don’t have much animation in my game, so it wasn’t a big problem for me, but if you have tonnes of it, then probably only move on to 2.6 when you’ve finished (unless you need path-finding or some other features like that)

I think what sdfgeoff want to say is:

Open your 2.5x files with 2.60 save it.
Open this file with 2.61 save it.
Open this file with 2.62 save it.

You need a cascading conversion of the blend file. You might be able to skip the 2.61 step. Conversions are usually only fully supported from previous Blender versions.

But there are some situations with the action actuator that require manual adjustment. Please have a look at the 2.62 release notes. I think it was mentioned there.

Wow, that’s a really nice game you have there.

leonnn’s games look really cool :slight_smile:

A bit off topic but I hadn’t seen that trailer before. It looks very professional, congratulations Leonn, your showing some great BGE potential!

Thanks guys, and thanks for the answears, I ll try your method monster, mand this gives me hope back, If it work wow!!! Thanks all the answears now I m a little more confident!

Thanks monster it worked out kind of well, I have tons of things to change, but it at least more logical things than bugged things that I expect to find, i think that it saved well good part of my work but some things looks like that it skiped and I dont know why, this version made the game run 2x faster but I lose on the graphics.

Thanks again, this method is working, I dont know so far what is the extention of the damage, I hope I can fix it tough.