Main menu buttons: need help please!

Hi Blender friends!
I’ve been working on my main menu with buttons but I don’t know how to make clickable button. The only way I’ve been able to do it a roll-over to go on the right scene. When I go in the logic blocks, I add a sensor of “Mouse/Left button” to all my button but it go only on the first one. Can anyone help me please?

you need to add a python script with the following contents:

import Rasterizer

then you need to add the following bricks to the buttons.

Mouse over____AND____something
Mouse click__/

Thanks to reply,
but I already know that method. The thing I want to know is how to make theses buttons clickable(when we click on them) and not when we roll over them.

Oh you mean like arrows and space method? You just need to define a few props.