Main menu entry "Blender" too exposed for regular workflow

Regarding the actual Blender 2.80 from the compiler bot.
Is it only me or are there other people around who are annoyed by always having “Blender” as a first menu entry instead of “File”.
Wouldn’t it be more logical to place this menu entry just before “Help” and leave the quit menu entry in the file section where everybody would expect it?
In addition, you only use this first main entry when you want to change preferences and some other fancy stuff, which you normally don’t use in a regular workflow.
Whereas importing, appending and other stuff is selected very often from the menu (if you don’t use key shortcuts).

To be honest, it annoys me a little…


Yea, its contrary to standard menu placement. In most softwares “File” menu is in fact the first one (and there is “Quit” program option¹), sometimes there is similar (but rather unclickable) program icon. I wound’t expect menu with preferences or quit in there.

Why do You do something very often and dont use/make shortcut for that?

Default one with Import/Export/Link/Append menu is F4

To be honest, it annoys me a little…

If it bothers You. You can always change it for Yourself, its easy.

BTW¹ that dont makes sense, cause you close whole application and not just file
BTW² In 2.7x it was even worse, cause there was EditorType menu :v.

You’re right. I should start using F4 in the future. It’s an old habit - I should stop it…

Just understand it as suggestion, not as critique.

For your suggestion, to change it as I like it. How? I never did that before. Just compile my own version from source files???
Or is there a easier possibility to change the main menu entries locally without compiling the source?

Oh, I just see. In your image is a symbol for the Blender menu, on my Blender version there is the written word “Blender” instead of the Blender symbol…

Oh, i didn’t downloaded latest build and it changed.

Yes. Blender UI is mostly defined in python scipts that are just executed at runtime.
So You can just edit and save them.
To do that You have to so somehow locate what line correspond to what menu and rearrange/modify it.

If You enable Developer Extras option you will have “edit saurce” option on menus. It will open .py script file in text editor with selected line.
Rearranging menus/buttons order is just rearranging lines corresponding to menus/buttons. So You almost don;t need to know how to code scripts (but its very helpful).
Menus are often in same file defined as classes, so to eg. change location of Quit button You have to just copy paste code responsive from one class to other.

If You click on Run Scrips You can check if You made mistake or save file and run blender again.
But beware - You can break UI if You do that incorrectly.

Oh, that’s really easy.
But I wait until next update, 'cause I think, the replacement of the symbol probably was just by accident.
Cheers and happy blending.

Yea, if not You can always just change it back by changing"TOPBAR_MT_app") to"TOPBAR_MT_app", text="", icon='BLENDER')
or whatever fits You

Blender icon is back. :slight_smile: