Main Street - Jurassic World WIP - Help Needed

Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville

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I have a problem, after building all this with the mirror modifier i realised it isnt straight and im having a hard time putting it right…

The diagonal white line is the mirror line, and the horizontal white line at the bottom is the line the wall is supposed to follow. As you can see I messed up and it goes off at an angle… I keep trying to fix it, but i just seems to get worse

Take the mirror modifier off, rotate the mesh so that the mirror axis is one of the global axes, add back the mirror modifier, then apply it once all the modelling is complete, then rotate the model to where you want it. Use an empty as the mirror object to help you get it exactly where you want it. That’s the process I use - hope this helps you.

Cheers, clock.