Main Transform gizmo lag(Mouse Drag Threshold min 3)

Hi, I just realized in last 2.8 build that basic move tool is crazy laggy. Same for rotate and scale.
Then I discovered that in previous versions I had 0 inherited from old userpref.blend file.
Now is limited to minimum 3 pixels.
Please, could someone ask to bring it back to be able to set 0 if I want?

change “Drag Threshold” to 3

It is not related to transform gizmo.

but it helped me))

There was a bug, which is fixed today, which made it use the wrong threshold sometimes, making gizmos very sluggish.

That said, I don’t see why 3px should be the hard minimum - minimum could be 1px I think.

it seems not fixed on my end, it’s like there is a little snap that happens, not buttery smooth like in 2.79.

This is intentional to allow selecting stuff behind gizmos

i am not talking about selection but when transforming, there is still a lag there.

Yes, that’s what I was talking about - gizmos only activate after a drag threshold so that you can still click “through” them to select stuff. Before that commit they would instantly activate, preventing you from selecting.

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like this,sometimes it does a quiet jump instead of a smooth transition…it happens randomly though.


maybe it’s related to this since i have similar specs, i’ll wait until this one gets fixed and see if it goes away.

The minimum drag threshold is now 1px


I thought you meant using gizmos - this seems like a different thing alright…

Thank you! Now everything works excellent.