Mainboard for 3 double slots graphics cards? [solved]


I’ve been looking for a mainboard for days now, which can accommodate 3 graphics cards in the amount of two slots.
Does anyone have experience or can recommend something to me?

Please don’t ask why or any counter-questions. This has driven me to despair on other forums.

thank you very much!

Best regards

What platform is your target?

Hi Silex,

Thank you for the counter question. I really wanted to avoid that and thought my question would be worded like this. But if it helps… It will Linux and Windows.

I meant hardware platform…
Do you plan on staying on typical desktop, HEDT or workstation?

Didn’t you hear him? he doesn’t want any counter questions, he only wants answers

buy this, no counter questions please

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O.K… thank you both! Before things get weird here. In the end, the one counter-question was justified.
It would be nice to do without Xeon processors!
I had not thought of that.


You can also check Threadrippers if you can find them. This board can fit 4 x 2-slot GPUs if you have big enough case:

But I don’t know if you can still buy it anywhere.

If you are on a budget used Xeon might be your best option.

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4 3090s, this motherboard, and 2 Threadrippers later, you’ve got yourself a 30,000-dollar computer :thinking: Well, now I know what I’m buying when I’m a millionaire someday! :wink:


This config may be a classic then and you have to spent 10x times more… or just tip on you headconnector to activate the VR of your watch to gesture with your hands…

… why is there this music playing in my head right now?

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Hello everyone,

Thank you @silex for the link. This is exactly what I was looking for.
But I’m shocked what something like that costs. But somehow I already suspected that. And yes… it’s an idea I can get out of my head. This is not affordable. Too bad actually. :slight_smile:

best regards and thank you!

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