Maintaining a comprehensive Links page on Elysiun.

(iluvblender) #1

Hi Kib.

It would be very nice to have a comprehensive links page added to This page contains links to the web sites, homepages being maintained by many blender users,possibly with icons and maybe the type of content the pages hold.

Remember the old links page. It was like a telephone directory.

Users can send working links to be included in the links page.

just a thought.



(Goofster) #2

You mean like this?

[email protected] set this up a while ago. you can find a link at the bottom of this forum.


(Timothy) #3

I am planning a links section like you described on yes.

(iluvblender) #4

i was not aware of that. that helped. thanx.

Still there were far more links(150 or so) on blender’s links page. if we can get all of them (working ones, ofcourse) it would be great. Anyway’s Kib says he is working on it. Great news Kib. Looking forward to it.

blender away


(Jamesk) #5

It would also be nice to include other related links. Meaning: not only Blender links but also free stuff like 2D editors, other modelers and rendering systems etc. Only freeware and/or open source apps though.

I hereby contribute the following:

Amapi 4.15, a very interesting modeler:

Pixia, an excellent 2D app:

… stuff like that, ya know…

(Timothy) #6

users will both be able to submit links, as submit link categories