Maintaining good topology, modeling teeth

To work on my modeling and sculpting chops, I’ve been working on a set of teeth lately. I had a few questions about good practices, and good topology when it comes to some multifaceted shapes like teeth+roots.

The main thing I’ve run into is issues surrounding the meeting of the teeth and the roots. There has to be that curve present to the tooth part, but I have a hard time not making a knot of faces around the point where the two meet. Does anyone have some advice for this?

Also, attached is an image of an issue I am having with correcting a mistake. The molar doesn’t have four roots, and I want to remove two of them, center the remaining two, and maintain a good model. Any tips for this as well?



I would recommend remodeling using a lot fewer verts. Get the basic shape as low as you can and then just use multires.

are you doing a real model or just a 3D model ?

if 3D model you could start with a suburf model then go into sculpt mode and refine it
then do a retopo with clean quads.

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What would be the main distinction between 3D model and a model in this scenario? I guess I didn’t think about using multires, really I was doing it in passes. I got the basic shape, subdivided, adjusted, repeat, but that doesn’t give me much room to go back like I would imagine multires might.

Also, RickyBlender, can you explain what you mean by doing a “retopo with clean quads”?



if you are modelling some real teeth then you could 3D scan it and then re work it in blender!

but in only an approximate 3D model then
you have more freedom in what you do

and after working in sculpt usually you need to retopo the mesh to get some clean topology
otherwise you end up with a lot of tris !

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