Maintaining plugin consistency across updates

How do you guys manage your plugins. Blender is a software that I’ve installed more often than any other because it’s updated so often. It’s actually one of the things I find annoying about it, because that means every time I get a new version I have to re-install all of the plugins I like to use.

I have a directory on my network called Blender addons and I keep my zip files in there. When I get a new version I go into preferences and start re-installing them…at least the ones I can remember to do.

Am I doing it right? Is there a way to organize it so the new Blender automatically picks up my old addons and checks them on as soon as I start the new version?

You could just copy the contents of your config folder to the new version’s config folder.
Alternatively, use either the external script directory paths or a symlink inside each config folder’s script directory.

All the ‘installer’ does is unzip the addon’s zip to the appropriate addon folder.