Maintaining Scale Whilst Unwrapping Different Objects

Hi there,

I have a question about unwrapping objects. I have two models I intend to use in a game (bay windows). One is significantly narrower than the other, it has been created by re-sizing the larger one. My question is; how can I unwrap the smaller object onto a UV map, whilst keeping it to the same scale as the first one, so that the texture image resolution is the same on both models? If I unwrap the smaller window box on its own, it will attempt to fill the image space as much as possible, and this won’t be at the same scale as the original.

the problem is that you scaled the object in object mode instead of edit mode. you can fix it by selecting both objects ( not sure if you need to do them seperately or not ) and hitting ctrl A ( apply scale ), then re-unwrapping.

Thanks, that seemed to do the trick!