Maintaining selectability


I’m asking a question that has been bothering my modeling jobs for a while now:

Is there a way to maintain easy selectability for separate parts of an object? I am modeling a hoodshirt and I modeled the hood part separately. Now I need to combine the hood and the rest of the shirt as one object. However, I would still like to be able to select the hood in case I need to modify it but it gets hard after I have combined these two meshes in to one object.

Is there any tricks to keep specific meshes easy to select in a complicated object?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

You could add vertex groups and assign the vertices of different parts, to different groups. Then you can select the entire group by using the ‘select’ button in the ‘Links and Materials’ tab in the editing panel (F9)

Thank you very much for this information! I was hoping there would be a feature like this, and once again Blender didn’t let me down! Thanks!