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From netflix’s serie “the squid game” (must watch! amazing)

Edited, made pose variations, changed the color a bit and the middle guy is another class. Thanks to avemagnadude1 for the feedback.

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Loving the render!

Would have loved to see some variation in the poses though, but other than than I love this shot and the show!

idk how to change the pose of multiple clones… the collection f the character has many objects, i didn’t wanted to compy and paste everything just to change the pose… i tried saving the character in a single blend file then “linking” it and creating a proxy armature. But the proxy armature affects the entire linked blend file, so if i clone the linked object multiple times and move the proxy armature, it will move all armatures because they point to the same blend file…

in short words: i dont know how to do that. I tried to search online but can’t figure it out…

I see… I think the problem might be the “linking.” If you appended the character instead, I think you would be able to change the poses of the characters individually. Hope this helps!!

i went for duplicating the entire collection, since append did basically the same… updated the post.

Nice oooone!
I see you’ve added mr square as well!
Looking great!

i was going to add 2 triangle guards with weapons, but i didnt wanted to turn this into a complex proyect, this was meant to be a quick speed sculpt!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!