Majin Boo

Hi !

This is my latest work , rendered with blender internal :

Hope you like it ! :slight_smile:

very cute! :slight_smile:

truly awesome! Captured very well Toriyama’s distinctive drawing style and the skin material is very good, though perhaps it should be a bit more jelly – how about pumping up SSS a bit?

that’s five stars from me… hope to see it fully rigged and animated some day… :smiley:

I like the lighting a lot, great modeling as well. This is his best form IMO.

nice design. I think it would be better if you add a more jelly-ish effect. He looks to rough for me :slight_smile:

For some reason, I can’t see the maximized image.

agentmilo > can you see it on this link ?

omg nostalgia win! nice choice of character :wink:

really nicely done, very consistent modelling, love the hint of the upper and lower pec muscles, not too much and not too little.


ps. any plans to rig and animate? (though i do see on your blog you’re more into renders, i’ll just hope a little haha) =)

Looking reeeeally good!
I haven’t acutally seen this character before, but doesn’t the eyes look a little flat?

Awesome Gabich! Nice shaders…