Major blender bug? Or major screw up by me?

So for a while now, i’ve been having a weird problem, where i can only edit textures when they are a part of this one object, that hasn’t been a problem until now, cause you see now, i can’t even edit textures that are a part of this object. i’m trying to make a skybox, so i applied the skybox texture to half a cube, unwrapped it, fit it to the image, but it still looks as if i never unwrapped it. here, take a look for yourself: :eek:

hi lipsonfire,

Set the Map Input to UV. You still have it set to Orco.

One other thing. You removed the header from Could do me a favor and leave it on? That way, when people see it, they’ll check my site for an updated version and I’ll get the page views. :yes:


Indeed, if you ever use other people’s scripts, be sure to give credit. Otherwise… it’s plagiarism.