major camera problem

I’ve been working on a dragon model and i wanted to see how a part of it looked, so i moved the camera into position and stuff. But then, when i pressed num0, it apeared as thoughan object had been made into the camera somehow! I think i might have accidentally pressed something to do this, and i don’t know how to undo it(i don’t want to press ctrl+z, cuz ive edited a bunch of stuff), could someone please help me?

NUM-0 sets the 3D Window viewport to show the Active Camera’s view. CTRL+NUM-0 sets the currently Active object to the Active Camera. So if your dragon was selected when you pressed CTRL+NUM0, the view was set as if the dragon-object was the camera.

To fix it, just select the real camera and press CTRL+NUM-0 with the pointer in the 3D viewport. Make sure the Layer with your camera is visible or it won’t work properly.

I was wandering why did they add this feature? What is the purpose of turning any object into a camera? I mean if you are a spy it is kind of nice if you can turn teapot into a spy cam. But to make animation?

If you set your spot lamp to be the camera view you can then easily position it knowing exactly what it will illuminate. If the lamp has to lineup with something or has to only light certain areas this can be useful.