Major Clipping Issue With Dress

Hi blender folks!! I’m new to blender. I have been facing a lot of clipping issues when creating a dress for decentraland. I tried using the transfer weights option in the weights tab in weight paint mode, but I am only able to transfer weight between the dress and the upper body or the dress and the lower body (not both), so the dress still has tears. I also tried removing skin faces underneath the dress, but the dress is open at the bottom so that doesn’t work. Do any of you have suggestions? Any feedback is appreciated.

Picture in Decentraland

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Am I correct in interpreting that your body is two separate objects? If so, they’ll need to be one object for this to work

In Blender Without Animation: Dress in Blender

Hi! Yes, the body is two separate objects. In decentraland, they define the avatar with an separate upper body and lower body, and the documentation says not to “modify the ‘cuts’ or ‘stitches’ between the categories.”

I’m going to make a guess that there are no dresses in Decentraland ( I’m not sure what that is). This is still possible, but it’s going to be really complicated if you can’t join the objects. You’ll probably have to weight paint the dress manually

I’ve seen multiple dresses in decentraland and they don’t have clipping issues. Since I am new to weight painting, I would like to know if there is a faster way. What do people typically do to remove clipping issues (I’m new to blender). Do people typically remove clipping issues by removing skin faces underneath and doing the transfer weights option together?

Are these transfer weights settings correct?