Major frustration - 2nd try

This problem has reached the - throw the bloody thing out the window stage - yet I’m sure it is easily fixed.

I have a plane on which is an embedded image. I put a cube in front of this plane and it turns opaque white - virtually impossible to work with.

What I need is to be able to see the image through the cube when I’m in object mode so I can subdivide it according to features on the image. I’ve done it before - no problem - but now - ( well one mustn’t really put their wombat in the blender - it is bad for the blood pressure)

Sorry to repeat my problem but I can’t get anywhere with this project because of this.

Tarak :mad:


You have the Cube UVMapped (TexFace in Mesh tab in F9 is on) but you don’t have a pic assigned to the verts so it’s using the default VertexPaint white. You only want the Plane UVMapped. To see the pic you will have to be in Textured Viewport Shading but you don’t want to see the cube in that mode. So, with the Cube selected goto F7 and set it to Wire in the DrawType in the Draw tab.


Hi, if you just want a reference pic to model from, Blender has a utility for this. In the view menu, look for ‘background image’ this gives a floating panel where you can load a reference image. It also has a slider to adjust opacity.

Thanks to both of you - Roy I needed to rotate the reference image which I don’t believe I can do that with background image but thanks for the feedback.


Just a suggestion, rotate several versions of your ref image in a graphic app?