Major Gimp trouble!!!

Ok, for whatever reason I’m getting a “libglib” error when I try to open Gimp.

It’s uninstalled right now…

I think the trouble first started when I tried to install K-3d all-in-one setup, with all its libraries and such.

Anyway, I think there may have been a conflict with some dlls or something because there’s a GTK + folder in my start menu that I can’t get rid of even though it’s empty!!:confused:

I’ve uninstalled the Gimp and it’s GTK a couple of times and each time I guess there’s some dlls in a directory somewhere becasue it asks me if I want to rename them.

I think I said yes once or twice and that may have caused a problem.

Gosh, all these GTK libraries are messing me up!

Sharpconstruct needs them, K-3d needs them, Gimp needs them…

Anyone have any ideas?


And when I try to get rid of the folder:

Sounds like a dll conflict to me…because I’ve deleted and reinstalled and deleted Gtk several times now…

Help please!


Google searching for your error brings you to:

The responce is from Tor Lillqvist, the guy who ported GTK and Gimp to Windows. And of course, the super hero that brought us PSPI!

try cleaning up all the gimp stuff you have now and gtk use this.
then do a fresh install

you might end up with some uselessly renamed .dll living forever on your HD but I think you can make it all work.

I would try un-installing K-3D. It’s always given me problems, and it isn’t as flexable as Blender.

I’ve uninstalled everything…I think the problem is that there are pesky dlls somewhere still to be found…hmmmm

Thansk guys

BTW, why do these open source things need their own libraries? I heard GTK (Gimp toolkit) was developed originally for the Gimp.

I guess couldn’t someone go through the code and make a windows specific one?