Major help needed in detailed waterfall

There are many youtube tutorials on making a waterfall, but none are as detailed as the one I am trying to make. I do not understand at all how should I make such a detailed scene in blender. The reference is below:enter image description here

I am still a intermediate blender user, and I am not able to make anything like this. I started this project a few weeks ago, but even though I tried to sculpt such a landscape there was no luck. Nor did the greenery look good. I tried my best in using detailed smoke and water sims, but it did not work even though I tried one with resolution divisions so high (upto 600 I think) that it took 10 days to bake but with no luck. It is so detailed that I gave up on it after a few days work. I can’t even open that file because it is so heavy so I can add screenshots of my past tries. I also need help in the lighting and materials of this scene. I hope someone will be able to answer my question. Thanks in advance!

I’ve learned a lot by taking advantage of what others have already made. For example blendswap offers many free materials, scenes and simulations you can download and modify.

This scene looks a bit like a river which ends to a waterfall :slight_smile:

It’s made with Blender version 2.6, but I think it should be usable with more recent versions as well.

Thanks for the help, but my ptoblem is a bit different. I don’t know how to create the landscape (Sculpting was extremely hard for me in this project but still no luck) and the very detailed rivers and the waterfall is very hard.

Without more information, it’s going to be hard to give good advice.

For detailed rocks, you might want to get some scanned rocks. You can stack them together to make a pretty good looking cliff. You might be able to find some on a free site like Blendswap, or maybe you could buy some from a company like

I’m not sure what you were doing for your vegetation, but I assume you were using some kind of particle simulation or geometry nodes. You don’t really need more than a half dozen or so good bush models to make a convincing scene since you can randomly rotate, scale and change their hues to make it appear like there is more variation. Are you doing something like that?

The water surface (not the water fall, just the horizontal water) shouldn’t need to be much more than a plane with some procedural noise applied to the bump/displacement channels.

Is this an animation or still image?

Have you seen this waterfall tutorial?

You also might be able to cheat a little and use an image plane for the distant mountains. That way your geometry is only spent on the close-up cliffs. A little fog can help blend the background image with the foreground geometry.

Thanks! The bush and the rock advise is what I was looking for. And ths is also an animation. Thanks for the advice.