MAJOR lag while using a background image.

So I loaded up my refrence background image for a project I wanted to start. The problem with this is when I did it started lagging beyond belief. Nothing lagged except my 3D View Port. I could click on buttons and do everything else fine except in the 3D View Port. I could barley scroll in and out while using the background. I also found out this happens when I load in an image while UV mapping.


My computer specs:
Proccessor: Intel Pentium 4 3.00 GHz with HT Tech
RAM: 2GB of DDR PC 2700 and 3200 mix
Vid Card: ATI Radeon X800XL AGP, 256MB GDDR3 (when I got the card I was into gamming more than modeling.

Can any1 see what I’m doing wrong? Or is there a different way of using a background image?

BTW I wanted to use two background images(trying to model a head); One for the front of the face and one to the side of the face. How do i do that using a background image?

You might want to look at the size of the image file that you’re using for your background. Also, look at the resolution and color-depth. You may be able to resample the image to a smaller size and lower color-depth without sacrificing its usability.

Those are the first things I would check.

Well it may be your video card. ATI has some compatibility and performance issues with blender. as for two background images. Setup two views one at the side and one at the front, then just assign a background image to both views.

I’m pretty sure its not the image size or color depth. Its only 400 X 400 Pixels. If it is my Vid card what card would you suggest to replace it. My B-Day is on the 14th :smiley:

EDIT: I would like a vid card that accells both in 3d gaming and 3d modeling cause I do both on a daily basis. (Also it has to be an AGP card. not PCI or PCI E!

Blender works best with nvidia cards by far. Plus they are great for gaming :wink:

Im actually having this same exact problem, but using a fairly high resolution image in blender 2.57b. I opened up blender 2.49b, used the same background image (now running both blender 2.49b and 2.57b at the same time) and it created the same problem although not as lagged on 2.49b.

So Its most likely the image ill have to consider down sizing from 3033 x 2020 to maybe half that.

my G72 Laptop specs:
Intel Core i3 CPU 2.40GHz
RAM 4.00 GB
64 Bit System

Graphics card im not entirely sure about. I dont think Intel does thier own graphic cards but my graphics properties is all Intel.