Major problem with Multires... please help!

Long story short, is there any possible way I can merge two objects while keeping the multires levels? Long story is below…

I thought I’d try sculpting the other day, and I’m afraid I’ve come to a dead end which will destroy all the work I’ve done so far :frowning:

So, what I did was take a base model of a creature from one of my favorite games (Serious Sam), and see what kind of detail I could put onto it with sculpting. The torso, legs, and head were one object, the arms were in a separate object, and a few other accessories were in different objects too.

I started with the torso/legs, added multires levels, and sculpted almost all of it to how I want. Then I decided to move onto the arms… the problem is the arms are in a separate object. I’ve now found that you can’t add any vertices to an object that has multires on it, so I can’t combine the arms with the torso.

I only see two options:

  1. Start over (noooooo!!! :(), and combine the objects as necessary before adding the multires or doing any sculpting.
  2. Sculpt the arms separately, apply the multires to both the arms and torso, join the objects, then manually merge hundreds and hundreds of vertices to attach the arms. That is not a good plan :frowning:

Can someone please tell me if there’s another option?.. I don’t want to do either of those 2… but I fear they’re my only options…

I’d like to comment on the second option:
You could apply the multires, join the arms, select the edges that should be merged, press F (in Blender 2.44) and Skin Faces/Edge-loops.
Don’t forget to save a backup and check for internal faces.