major problem with texture

I think i probably messed up on the UV map and now see how at the bottom even thought i am on 2,000 x 2,000+ pixels none of the lines are strait and the boxes are all messed up even thought they are fine on the other side. I used gimp to make this. Is there anyway of fixing this without starting from scratch… , Thanks

Your managed to mess the UV. It seem that you based the painting of the bump map on side view, not exported UVs. As the surface is flat, you have to fix only the UVs. Simply in ortho side view project the UV coordinates from it. Then unwrap the sides of extruded part.

I messed up the UVs even more i did base the map on the UVs i jest was a little sloppy and didnt straiten out one of the lines and so the lines on the bump map are now uneven. Now part of the uv map for the side is not visible and i didnt understand any of that I am new at this. , Thanks

Could anyone please walk me though what he said up there? I have worked for about 30+ hours on this texture and as soon as i can get this side fixed then it will be compleate. The only way i know how to fix this is to start from scratch.

Show the exported UV layout, and the map you painted. If you were looking only on side of the model while painting the texture, then you have to unwrap it so.

Got to side view (num3), switch to UV Face Select mode, select all faces perpendicular to the camera (the only you should see) and hit U. From menu select Project From View. This should do it.

Thanks,is there any other way to do it? num 3 brings me to the wrong side and becouse of the way i positioned the model it is off center after a few hours of trying to center it i am having some trouble.

If num3 brings you to the wrong side, cntl+num3 will bring you to the correct side.

A suggestion for the future. most unwraping tutorials suggest checking the deformity’s on the uv texture. using a checkerboard picture mapped to uv. i highly suggest this before creating a texture. that way you dont end up wasting time on a texture that deforms weird on the object.(ive had the same problem in the past)

Thanks, but is there another way to do it? I still can’t get it to center