Major problems with Fluid Sims

Hey Fellahs.

I recently tried out my first fluid sim, but was rudely halted by unexplainable happenings when i hit the Bake button on my domain object. After baking is complete, the domain (which was a cube) disappeared, and when i looked at what was previously my liquid, it was now labled “domain”. Another thing that looked similar to my original liquid, and what indeed the new “liquid” appeared nearby, but it was not materialed.

If I render it, the unmaterialled new liquid travels through the things i have set as obstacles, and then slops around like you would expect in the bottom of where my cube domain was.

How do i get all the things to stay where they should be, how do I get the domain to be visible and how do I get obstacles to work?

Yes. It is supposed to do this. Your domain becomes what looks like your “liquid”, but it is really still your domain, it just contains the animation. The original liquid is still there. So after I bake a fluid sim. I usually move the fluid object out of the scene or to another layer. To get obstacles to work, you have to make sure the obstacle is withen the domain, it cannot come out of the domain. You then hit “enable fluid simulation” for that object, and go to obstacle, no other settings are needed for that. You might want to increase the resolution a little for the domain when you add obstacles, or the fluid may go through the obstacle and will not be accurate.

Please ask if you have any more questions.

No, no more questions. Thanks alot dude, I can’t beleive people go through walls of text like that just to help out some noobys like me.