Major project

Ive started the models for a super old school STARFOX dog fight, using low poly figures (to look like the N64 version, but with new ships from the gamecube game STARFOX: Assault).
Heres the first model, the outside model for the Arwing.

(this is to be used for the actually fighting scenes, not the talking or the close ups. purely far away combat.) and yes, there is a cockpit inside of that window, just incase youhappen to look at it in detail.

that’s pretty stylish for the low poly count…if you want it to look like N64, it probably shouldn’t have ray-tracing, though (it looks like those blue things do)

Yeah I waned he models to look low poly, but not exactly the same.

I actualy wanted to go witht he basic shape, but go by memory, and how I would make it. So its still going to look much more avanced than the N64 (such as thecockpit, which was a window with a head and the body was just painted on the inside under it).

So its kinda like, my personally flare on Starfox 64.

Nice job so far. I went back and played Star Fox 64 the other day because I saw this thread.

OK small stress test

StarWolf Arwing
NOTE: a friend did mention that they had forward swept wings, but I dont care, this is again the way I feel like doing it, I wanted Starwolf to look nearly identical to StarFox, but more sinical(spelling), the Main ships on both sides will also have teh same similarities.

Slippy, with his rounder look ( I may make it wider like the original, debating with myself over this.)

and a small dogfight for stress test, and for lasers.

so your making game? starfox is like one of the best N64 games…donky Kong is the best

A game would be nice, but I dont have the coding prowes for that. If someone wants to use the models for a game, Id be delighted to obligue with proper respects though.
Heres the forward swept wings on the Starwolf wings.

Updated Starwolf models and made everything bigger for teh shot

o well… i luv your models. =)

WEll I have no updates, but wanted to say Happy ChristmaChanaQuansica everyone!