Major ripoff of "The Iron Giant"

I was reading the news a little bit ago and ran across this:

That’s supposed to be a character in an upcoming movie. Is the design a ripoff or what?

And for those who haven’t seen the Iron Giant before:

Geez… At first it looks like the only rip-off is the head. But then you look closer, and you can see that the whole body structure is the same. Only major difference is the torso width.

IMO it’s hard to make a totally unique human-like robot. So far as that goes it’s almost all been done.

Perhaps they did it intentionally to garner interest from fans of Iron Giant, but who cares. It’s different enough to not directly capture any notice from me, aside from the fact that they’re both robot movies for children.

As you will note from my avatar, this is a common style for science fiction robots in the 1930’s - 1950’s. Obviously both films are emulating that style (as am I). I’ve never seen the Iron Giant myself.

Just a question; what movie is the first picture from?


Do you know it wasn’t the same production company working on both films? Even if it wasn’t, sometimes companies license designs between themselves to make more money.

Doesn’t look like a major ripoff, there’s actually quite a few differences between the 2 robots, and I don’t think they looked at the Iron giant to make it.

The movie is Robots and the animation is made by Blue Sky Studios.

I know of Blue sky studios, they made the vectorman games for the sega genesis. Now they’re going into animation, they may become another pixar or something. :slight_smile:

No pixar will by them out before the movie is finished then finish it with there name on it. Then sell it to disney and makes loads of cash.

I doubt pixar will buy them out… Blue Sky made Ice Age… a great movie! and I am definitely looking forward to Robots! I have seen the Iron Giant and I don’t think its a rip-off. I agree with shbaz, its almost impossible to make a totally original looking huminoid robot. Especially in the style they are using. I say good luck to them and I can’t wait for the final movie!

Oh so they have made other CG movies. ok then Pixar wont be able to by them with out looking bad.

Ice age was halarious, full of nonsence and things that didn’t fit in.

Blue Sky is owned by Fox Filmed Entertainment and I doubt they would sell it to Pixar/Disney. :wink:

It looks like Shrek

Correction, Ice Age was a long tired plot with unfunny jokes and unattractive animation.

If that robot is a ripoff of the Iron Giant. What’s to say that the Iron Giant isn’t a rip off of the counless similar robot designs that came prior to it. I remember seeing some pretty old artwork (science fiction book covers) from the 50’s with robots of very similar style and design. I feel it is a very basic type of design (ball joint shoulders, hinge chin, etc.) Any robot basic on the classic humanoid retro style could be concidered a rip off.

that’s probably exactly why the Iron Giant was made like that though… considering the movie takes place in the 50’s, they probably wanted something that would have been thought of in those times