Major slowdown when using Armatures?...

(Keithkosh) #1

I want to be able to pose my current character I am modeling, but I’m running into the strangest thing. I make the armature for my character, select the character and then the armature, go Parent and choose Use Armature – and then Blender goes reeeeally realllly slow. I’m not even in poseMode yet. When I go to posemode, it’s a real pain to even select an armature let alone rotate it. The interface ends up running about about 1 frame a second, if that. Why is there so much slowdown when I parent the armatures? I have a Pentium 1.4 ghz…or does it have something to do with my graphics card (riva tnt2 m64) ?


(theeth) #2

Did you created vertex group in the mesh before parenting it? If not, Blender will use a distance based algorithm, recalculated at every update, where each vertex is influenced by each bone. Anyway, the solution is, just create one vertex group, even if it’s not assigned to anything, it will cancel the automatic calculations, which should greatly speed up things.

I hope that was clear enough.