Major WIP (personal project and an insane rig)


I’ve been playing with Blender for years but sadly I have never made anything that interesting. Motivation is always the problem as I keep giving up but this time I want to do something special. I am serious about this one.

And I already seem to have gone a bit overboard. Take a look at the .blend file.

100 individually defined and controllable hairs. Each one with a taper curve and a bevel object. Each one with a lattice. Each one unique and each with a linked duplicate inside an even bigger lattice. With every vertex attached to a hook to a vertex parented empty to a cube with a wave deform.

I can control every aspect of every hair.

I may be a noob…but I think this is a good rig (if not a little complicated) ; )

This is a major major project. Next I would like a little help on defining the shaders/materials for the seed.

Thank you.


Wow. I bet that took a while. Its cool, but what are you going to do with it?
You need like a thousand of those just to make one dandilion, and that would DESTROY your computer if you ever tried to make an animation with that.

Thanks for your post.

Don’t worry, I’m animating on;y the one seed and I’m already experiencing a slowdown (not surprising really). As for a whole dandelion? I’ll try that in five years time when I have a 30 GHz computer or so. :wink: