Majora's Mask

If you’re a zelda fan, have a look at it…and if you’re not, have it too !
majora’s mask, deku mask, tael & taya. :cool:


That’s pretty nice! :smiley: Wow hehe those masks are really cool. Been a really long while since I seen them (N64 was it?) And they have more detail. Good job!

Actually very good job on the masks, they look like the real deal (well, in terms of N64 reality, that is :wink: ). But, what about changing the background? It really looks…boring. I know that the focus is on the masks but still, they would deserve some more than that…

Pretty sweet. How did you do Tael n Taya? The halo?

I especially liked the… Bumpmapping? on the deku mask. Having the eye’s emit is cool too. Only thing I’d query is why you modeled anything from Madura’s Mask. That game was Teh Evil.

thanks for comments

the fairies are a single halo, emmited from a single vertice mesh. then you use the texture blend, with the colorband, alpha for the edge, and that’s it. nothing special about the wings, except voronoi texutre.

PS Myke, don’t you think I made them a little bit better than n64 all the same ? check it


Ahhh, yeah :wink:
Of course you made it better in terms of quality - I just talked about the looks of the mask, which are really very, very close to the originals.

Great game btw :smiley:

I like it. The eyes on majora’s mask seem to follow you round the room…